Paintings and Drawings

This is a selection that includes pencil drawings, pastels, watercolors, oils and acrylics.

For more detailed notes on a few of the pieces scroll down to the notes below.

"If Your Love Is Made of Honey, Don't Lick it All Up"
4 feet x 5 1/2 feet

This Arabic proverb seems a fitting injunction in a time of severe ecological degradation  and can be applied to our relationship to our planet, whose precious resources and beauty we should  be careful not to exhaust. This is also a time when there is a resurgence in some countries of devastating restrictions on the lives of many women. Both conditions stem from the bitter determination of some people to control life and nature at the expense of others.

“Nuht of the Night Sky: Home”


4 feet  x 5 1/2 feet                                                                                                                            

Nuht of the night Sky

This painting is about art and myth, and the way their themes interlace with our lives. These pleasures (play, imagination, and cultural memory) suffuse our lives from the beginning and help us love and live and die. Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld stands as guardian and judge of the identities we create for ourselves and, to a certain degree, for others. Nhut, goddess of the night sky, arches across the firmament, swallowing the light at dusk and giving birth to it each dawn. She is the lover and the nurturer, representing the natural cycles of life.

© Susanna Caldwell 2013